Gunnel Bergman's love affair with wooden clogs

Gunnel Bergman was born in 1967 in the middle of the Swedish countryside. Gunnel Bergman says: For as long as I can remember, there has always been at least one pair of wooden clogs in my wardrobe – my first pair was beautifully bright red with white polka dots”.

After more than 15 years in sales and marketing in the Nordic countries, Gunnel Bergman decided to move to Spain 12 years ago. She has always been faithful to wearing her wooden clogs, which after its highest point of popularity in the 1970’s, became more and more difficult to find (if you were lucky you could find a pair in some small country store in the middle of nowhere). While wearing them in Spain she often had people coming up to her, looking at her clogs in a nostalgic way, saying that they also used to wear them in the good old 70’s.

With this in mind, Gunnel Bergman founded Synoco S.L. in 2004 with a view to design, market and distribute Swedish Designed wooden clogs to all corners of the world under her own brand name Gunnel’s Zuecos”.

Gunnel Bergman concludes by saying: I have always had a love affair with my wooden clogs as this is one of the few timeless fashion articles that can stay with you for a whole life”. This love is now being shared by an ever-increasing number of loyal customers all over the world.